Monday, November 4, 2013

How about a Drawing Business?

I did it for a while in college. I drew for other students for a fee, and it worked. It gave me big money which I spent for books, food, and small pleasure trips. If you can draw well, why not try it out as a business. And the availability of the Internet can help you do your drawing business online and sell to the world!

Sometimes, we look for livelihood elsewhere and not realize that God has always provided for it at the tips of our fingers. All we need to do is grab a paper and pen and do it. Perhaps, you've been doing a job for years now and are dragging yourself each morning to it, although the passion in your heart is something else--like painting, drawing, or photography. And because of the silly job you're wasting your time on, you have no more time for your heart passion. Think about it. Your true potential may be waiting for you once you quit your job and go full time on your drawing skill, and make a business of it!

Why didn't I keep up with my small drawing business in college? Well, I was too engrossed with books and writing that I forgot about making a living with my drawing business. I discovered late in life that my true love were books and writing. My job blinded me into thinking I was carved out for employment. Anyway, I still did some of it after college, drafting house and building plans for people who needed them for building their new houses or business buildings. I made a good deal of money.

If you have this knack for drawing, keep at it until you attain a measure of good skill. If you are a student and your fellow students ask your help with their drawing projects, be practical about it and start charging them. You may draw for free in your grade school days, but in high school and college? And especially if you are in bad need of cash? Why not sell your skill? As the saying goes--nothing today is for free.

You may start out by advertising your skill online. Put up an online ad offering your drawing skill for a cost. Students may have need for your skills, especially those who lack the talent but badly need to produce quality drawings for their school projects. There are also students in groups who need good quality drawings for their thesis. Yes, they can easily get drawings online on Google images, but there are also certain requirements where manual drawing is required, like drawing the face of a person.

Fashion often needs drawing skills to layout styles in clothes or a hair dress. These things need imagination to be drawn on paper and cannot be simply derived from Google images. Better yet, why not be in the fashion business if you are a good drawer who also loves hair styles or clothes or shoes? If you have these qualities, you don't need to look for a job. Develop your skills, tie them up with your hobby, and market them all! Be jobless big-time! For more exclusive tips on this, get your FREE subscription by filling out the Contact Form.

In the meantime, watch this girl who developed her drawing skills into a lucrative business!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Jobless Isn't the End of the World. It May be the Start..

Jobless isn't the end of the world. Some people overreact when they lose their jobs, like it's the end of the world for them. It's understandable, especially when people think their jobs are the only way they can support their families--because that's how their minds have been conditioned through the years.

But this is a great deception. Jobs are not the only means we can get a livelihood, even for you who do not have enough money to start a business. So what if you lost your job? There are lots of alternatives around. You can start with your own buy and sell business, for instance. You can associate with a licensed real estate broker and help him sell his properties. I started out like that and got good money out of my commission helping a real estate broker sell her properties. I also got good money helping someone sell her car.

By doing the above, I didn't have any boss. I made good money even while being jobless. You can also try making your own goods and sell them. I saw a lady on TV who was interviewed about how she started a business with P500 selling molded chocolates. It grew into a big business, and now she's jobless big-time! Imagine starting out with a mere P500? You don't need big capital. You need big imagination.

My son gets good money now and then by selling coffee. He sells 10 boxes of coffee and gets P1,000 for it. He delivers them to his customers. You just need to imagine how to make money, have the guts to actually do it, and presto! Then, you can figure out how to improve on your sales strategy and sell more. Soon, before you realize it, you'd get more orders than you can handle, and need to hire extra hand. That's how a lot of businesses started--through a small and simple direct selling activity. Then you later end up being jobless big-time!

I know of a small group of students who started with tutoring kids with their computer assignments. Today, they have a university business which is a famous computer college in the Philippines. They started being jobless with tutoring sidelines. Now, they're jobless big-time. You can start out like this, too! Just have the imagination and guts! To get regular ideas, tips, and inspiration on being jobless big-time, get our FREE newsletter through the Contact Form.